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New Student Admission for Academic Year 2024/2025 - Madrasah Internasional TechnoNatura

Calling Future Indonesian Scientists/ Technology Innovators Inventors/ Engineers / Artist and Mathematician to join and experience the STEAM education that is exercised in Madrasah TechnoNatura with special eyes for Industry 4.0.

Mark in October 2023 for registration
for MI, MTs and Aliyah


By applying for this events, Students will improve their STEM toolkit, get hands-on experience for higher education, and finalists will receive one-on-one project mentorship from Samsung employees.

40 semi-finalists were selected who then took part in a mentoring boot camp and design thinking training to sharpen their ideas into effective plans.

"TechnoNatura Shines: Two Teams Secure Finalist Spots in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Competition


Both TechnoNatura Teams Advance to the Finals of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2023: Dasher and ScieTech Innovators from Madrasah TechnoNatura Among the Top 15 Finalists"

Dasher's Hydrogen from Biomass and ScieTech Innovators' Endangered Tree Cloning Secure Spots in Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2023 Finals

Wish all the teams the best for the final, 


Yesterday morning, TechnoNatura, a Madrasah on the banks of the Ciliwung River, agreed to collaborate with Temali, Urban LIfestyle Conservation to jointly carry out Ciliwung native fish conservation.

The collaboration was continued by giving native Ciliwung fish to TechnoNatura to be maintained and bred at the TechnoNatura Fisheries Lab.
There are 11 species given viz

TechnoNatura, advancing society with innovation technology but conserving nature for many generations to come

we re just received a new devise on AI, namely Jetsin Orin Nano,  The Jetson Nano, in particular, was a popular entry-level AI development kit featuring a small and power-efficient GPU, designed for hobbyists, researchers, and developers interested in AI and robotics projects.

Technology is constantly evolving, and there is always something new to learn.

Approach endeavours with curiosity, as it will drive you to seek knowledge and find creative solutions to challenges. Embrace the mistakes and setbacks as part of the learning process, and use them to grow and improve.

Team Indonesia Is working hard to promote STEAM education in the 2023 Annual Meeting of Indonesian City Government Association, APEKSI 2023 and Indonesia City Expo Makassar 11-14 July.

Depok Creative City is a vibrant and dynamic urban center that serves as a breeding ground for artistic expression and innovative solutions. Nestled in the heart of Depok, this city has become a haven for creative individuals and a hotbed of cultural activities.