Turning a Dream into Reality: Robotics Becomes a Sport in Indonesia

Praise be to God,

Team Indonesia has begun to dare to register and campaign for Robotics as one of the Sports Branches in the National Olympic Committee.  


    They argue that robotics competitions, such as the FIRST Global Challenge (FGC), require the same level of dedication, strategy, and intense mental and physical preparation to compete, as well as teamwork, just like traditional sports.


Robotics is a sport of the mind, the future of competitive spirit, and the skills needed for the future. It is fascinating how robotics combines these elements, making it a dynamic and evolving field.

Robotics inclusivity must welcome participants from various backgrounds and skill levels for the sake of Rendezvous 2045.

Robotics will continue to develop as a sport in Indonesia, paving the way for future generations of innovators and technologists, even from a young age.

Robotics was not just a sport; it was a testament to the incredible potential of young minds and a celebration of the future of Indonesia, moving towards the nation's centenary, Rendezvous 2045.