New Student Admission for Academic Year 2024/2025 - Madrasah Internasional TechnoNatura

Calling Future Indonesian Scientists/ Technology Innovators Inventors/ Engineers / Artist and Mathematician to join and experience the STEAM education that is exercised in Madrasah TechnoNatura with special eyes for Industry 4.0.

Mark in October 2023 for registration
for MI, MTs and Aliyah

The name of *Madrasah TechnoNatura* implies that we want to nourish all of our students to have strong believe in the omnipotent Almighty God, cultivate creativity in inventing technology innovation, aware what technology role in Industry 4.0 might affect their lives and their society now and in the future as well as preserving the World of Nature as green as possible, and to ensure Indonesia's rich biodiversity will still offer opportunity for the many next generation to come.

TechnoNatura STEAM  aims for a graduate target with T-shaped Profile for future skills. T-shaped profile refers to a combination of breadth and depth in skills.

The horizontal bar of the "T" represents a broad range of skills and knowledge across different areas, while the vertical bar represents deep expertise in a specific area.

In other words, someone with a T-shaped profile has a strong foundation of general knowledge and can work effectively across various disciplines, but they also possess a deep specialisation in one particular area.


TechnoNatura Students with H2- Nose an AI Enhanced Hydrogen Electronic Nose.

For a graduate, a T-shaped profile might mean having a solid understanding of various subjects, which could include both their core area of study (e.g., their major) as well as a broader range of subjects encompassing different disciplines. Additionally, they would have developed deep expertise in a specific field, usually related to their major or an area of particular interest.

Having a T-shaped profile can be valuable in many professions and industries. The broad knowledge base enables individuals to communicate and collaborate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, while the deep expertise allows them to contribute specialised insights and solutions to complex problems.

Employers often value candidates with T-shaped profiles because they are adaptable, can take on different roles within a team, and can approach challenges from multiple perspectives.

This well-rounded combination of skills can make graduates more versatile and capable of handling a variety of tasks in their professional careers.